Hippie Lane

Affirmation Travel Mug


The Hippie Lane Affirmation Mug is our new travel/on-the-go mug.

These beauties are the perfect daily reminder to keep you radiantly positive and in flow - 'cause we believe words have the power to make a huge impact on our mindset.

Choose your affirmation based on what you believe you need to affirm most in your life to assist you in your mindfulness practice. You have three new options to choose from to encourage you on your healing journey:

I'm in Total Alignment, Trust The Flow & Vibrate Higher.

Each piece is natural in tone and textured, created with a rough stoneware body and a classic white glaze, echoing the uniquely exquisite shaped craters of the moon.

Each mug has a gold 'full moon' individually hand-painted on the reverse side of the mug.

All pieces are made with stoneware for the highest quality functional ware. Mugs are the ideal size for your favourite morning cup of matcha, coffee or drink of choice. They are 10oz in size.

Your purchase includes a durable travel lid, making them super handy for coffee on-the-go.

Care instructions:

Hand-wash only. Dishwashers will cause gold lustre to wear-off over time.

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