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Gift Pack - Heal


This Gift Pack is for the healres. A thoughtful gift for yourself, a friend or loved one, featuring the Heal + Restore Crystal Healing Candle and the beautiful Heal + Restore Oil.

Heal + Restore Crystal Candle 

A soothing blend of Lavender, Rose and Cedarwood, The Heal + Restore Candle is crafted to burn on your bedside, or in your sacred space to create an atmosphere of Healing, Inspiration & Restoration. Each and every candle is individually infused with sacred mantras, affirmations & divine intentions to allow for ultimate healing. When you burn this candle, it enhances your intentions and amplifies your soul connection, to yourself, the spirit and the universe. 

This is the candle you go for if want assistance in letting go of past hurts, any blocked emotions you are holding onto and old unconscious belief systems. Heal + Restore is the heavyweight out of the four varieties of Hippie Lane candles, created for the spiritual-minded. In creation, priority was given to evoke intense healing over aroma and scent. That being said, the lovely woody scent adds to the depth of layers of programming that work to bring you a release from past burdens. Ultimately, you will purchase this candle if you are ready to let go and move forward with intention and grace.

Each candle contains the following oils, botanicals and crystals to provide the ultimate atmosphere conducive to healing.

Pure Essential Oils

Lavender (Peace, Harmony, Grace).

Cedarwood Atlas (Cleansing, Purification).

Rose Geranium (Self-Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Trust). 

Frankincense (Enlightenment, Inspiration and Protection).


Blue Cornflower (Hope, Love, Tranquility)

Blue Malva (Soothing, Nourishing, Peace Promoting)

Gotu Kola (Balance, Harmony of Mind, Body, Spirit)

Angelica Root (Protection, Wisdom, Deeper Meaning)


Blue Sodalite 

The Sodalite promotes peace and tranquility, while working to harmonise our physical and spiritual selves. An incredible gem that provides inspiration and offers a boost in our intuition. When you feel stuck emotionally, Sodalite allows for a deeper understanding and instinctual knowing. The magic of Sodalite, is the hope of a renewed sense of confidence and increased self-esteem. It works to offer you superpowers that keep you shielded from negative forces.


Through a radiating of light energy, Selenite promotes purity and honesty.  By clearing energy blockages, selenite allows for an alignment of the chakras and of complete positivity and purity. It opens, clears and activates chakra energy, allowing for a liberated sense of self, free of negativity and inhibitions.


Floral, woody, herbaceous notes of Rose Geranium, Cedarwood and Lavender.


Heal + Restore Oil

A special blend of Ylang Ylang & Jasmine, our Heal + Restore Oil Fragrance is the ideal blend to use on your body and in your diffuser, when you need to get in touch with your deeper emotions and are requiring healing support. Blended with healing-inducing essential oils, and included within, the magical healer Clear Quartz crystal, our beautiful Heal + Restore Oil will bring about a state of inner harmony, peacefulness and state of acceptance.

Assisting in opening up your heart to allow for positive healing, Heal + Restore will help you manage your repressed emotions, and assist in keeping you in alignment with your spirit. The scent is so feminine and floral, you will love it.

Each Heal Oil fragrance contains the following oils and crystal to provide the atmosphere conducive to deep love and interpersonal connection.

Pure Essential Oils

Jasmine (Magical qualities, Positive Energy, Sensuality)

Ylang Ylang (Calming, Soothes Stress, Anxiety and Tension)

Frankincense (Enlightenment, Inspiration, Protection).

Clary Sage (Calming, Balancing, Soothing)

Orange (Mood booster, Stress Relief, Revitalising). 


Clear Quartz

The ultimate healer, clear quartz is highly prized for it's ability to clear the mind of negativity and to enhance spiritual receptiveness. Clear quartz's healing properties will assist in eliminating energy blockages and allow for energy to flow smoothly through the body. 

DISCLAIMER: The use of essential oils is for general wellness purposes and is not meant to diagnose, replace prescribed medication or substitute professional medical advice.

General Precautions:

- If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or suffering from a health disorder, please consult your healthcare professional before using essential oils topically.

- Never ingest or use essential oils internally.

- Pure and organic essential oils are highly concentrated extracts and some may cause harm if used directly on the skin. It is advisable to consult your health care practitioner before making the right choice of essential oils for your unique health condition and individual constitution.

- Topical use should always be tested on your inner arm or back of knee prior to using on wrist or neck.

- Do not use if redness or irritation occurs - If redness, burning, itching or irritation occurs, stop using oil immediately.

- As the ordinary or otherwise use (s) of products is outside the control of Hippie Lane, no representation or warranty expressed or implied, is made as to the effect (s) of such use (s) (including damage or injury) or the results obtained

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