Warming Massage Oil


You will love the delicious aroma of cinnamon & spices with it's silky texture, especially on a cold night, as it brings a warming sensation to your skin, muscles & Joints. The warming spices work to soothe sore, aching muscles after exercise or a long day's work.


DIRECTIONS: After bathing, indulge your skin with Warm Cinnamon Body Oil. Apply a few pumps of oil to hands and massage gently into your skin. This oil is warming, it will help relax, warm muscles and joints. This may also be used as a bath oil. Apply a few pumps of oil into your bath water.

INGREDIENTS: sweet almond (prunis dulcis) oil, safflower oil, olive (olea europaea) oil, vitamin E natural, cinnamon (cinnamomum zeylanicum), ginger, clove, Patchouli oil

CAUTION: Contains cinnamon, if pregnant, consult doctor before use.


Product Weight: 50ml

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